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More about Maturation Student Yield Factors

Calculating Student Yield Factors

The Maturation Student Yield Factors (MSYFs), combined with the total number of housing units estimated at build out for each study area will generate a student projection for each study area. The MSYFs are similar to student yield factors used in the ten year projections. However, MSYFs are calculated regardless of year of construction and are applied to year 12 in the projected housing variable table for each study area.

Two sets of data are required to calculate Maturation Student Yield Factors: current geocoded student data by residence (provided by the District) and current housing unit data (from the District’s local County Tax Assessor files). Each student record and tax assessor record is geocoded by their given address. You may then use ArcMap analysis tools to select a sampling of tax assessor/housing unit records and student records to determine student yields. The samples should include different housing types and the students being generated from those housing units. At maturation the sample of housing units should include houses of all ages both old and new so as not to skew the yield factors towards younger age children from newer homes.

Entering Maturation Student Yield Factors

  1. Once you have calculated the factors, you will need to enter them in the Student Projection Properties table. Open the projection to be modified. Then, from the SchoolSite Projection Toolbar, click the projection properties button , Residential Projections > Modify Variables.

  2. Under “Specify variable to modify”, click the dropdown menu to Maturation Yields. Be sure to select Maturation Yields rather than student yields.

  3. Choose the house type to apply maturation yield factors. Remember, Types 1 through 4 correspond to the types as defined in your tract and assessor datasets.

  4. Next, specify study areas to display by choosing one of three choices:

  1. The Maturation Yields are stored in the table on the right hand side of the form. Once the study areas to display option is selected, you can modify each individual cell, changing the factor for each year and each study area.

Or, you can click on the top of the column of the year you wish to change and enter the number in the calculate field on the bottom of the form and it will change the maturation yields for that year for all study areas selected.