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What Kind of Data Do I Need?

Map Datasets for Use with SchoolSite Pro

In order to use the SchoolSite Pro Extensions, you must have the following required map datasets:

  1. Study Areas - A polygon dataset of the district showing planning areas coded by school attendance areas

  2. Schools - A point dataset of schools geocoded to a street dataset of the district

  3. Students - A point dataset of students geocoded to a street dataset of the district

Additionally, the following datasets are optional and not necessary to run the application, but can help you with other features in SchoolSite Pro:

  1. Streets - A line dataset

  2. Tract - A point or area dataset of planned residential development within the district

  3. Assessor - A point feature of existing housing data within the district. This dataset is necessary only if you wish to run maturation projections or create student yield factors.

Data Formats

Although the feature class is the recommended format for ArcGIS Pro, any of the following Esri formats can be used to store your data for use with SchoolSite Pro and to create Redistricting Plans or Forecasts:

Each of the three dataset attributes must be precisely defined in order to run the application. To learn about field/attribute definitions required for SchoolSite Pro, refer to the topic “How to Create Your Own Data”.

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