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Creating Streets

Streets - a line dataset

Although streets are not needed to create a redistricting plan or a forecast, they are needed to create a street directory. When setting up street data for use in a street directory, be sure the data is projected the same as the study area and school layers (i.e. NAD1983 StatePlane California VI FIPS 0406). Also be sure the fields containing the address ranges are numeric (short integer, double, etc). Address ranges defined as characters will not run properly.

The Street Centerline data is a line dataset. If you choose to build your own database, this is the key set of data that you will need to build the other data sets on top of. The study areas, in many cases, will run down the middle of the streets, and the students and school points will be geocoded to them. It is used to geographically reference all the other map datasets in your database. Even if you contract the database creation process out, it is to your advantage to have a street database. It will serve as a backdrop for your maps and it will assist you to visualize the demographic information in your district.


A street centerline database can be obtained from different sources. Data from your local government usually has the most up-to-date resource and is available at no cost or for a small fee. The following are a few examples:

  1. Your local city

  2. Your local county

  3. Your state

  4. U.S. Census Data

  5. Esri maps and data - Available at no cost with your ArcGIS license

You can also get street centerline data from many third party vendors for a fee. The following are a few examples:

  1. HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ)


  3. Esri StreetMap Premium

  4. Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc.

As previously mentioned, many government agencies are maintaining their data with Esri software, and as such, they may already have street data that has been updated on a consistent basis. Many times, these government agencies are willing to sell the data to school districts for a small fee or often at no cost. It would be well worth the effort for the district to explore all avenues of possibilities in regards to this matter.